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Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun

Mini in size but as powerful as its big brother

  • Meet the most compact, convenient Percussion Massager in the world. The Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun is small in size but great in performance.
  • Massage Guns are everywhere these days. Professional athletes, physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors use them all the time. If you’ve visited a chiropractor or physiotherapist lately you’ve likely received a treatment with a Massage Gun already. And you know how awesome this treatment feels.
  • I guess almost anyone who has ever experienced such a massage wanted to get such a massager to use at home. And while getting a “big” massage gun is still very expensive and not very convenient to use, we now have the perfect solution for everyone. The Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun has all the benefits and features of a big device, but is a lot smaller, silent and comes at a real steal price.

What are the benefits of using the Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun?

  • If you’re an active person you know how important it is to keep your muscles relaxed and have good blood circulation. And if you need or want to get more active, you should work on these things immediately. A massage gun is the perfect device to conveniently and effectively help you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy body while working out.
  • Decreases Muscle Tension
  • The Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun puts a professional percussion therapy treatment in your hands.  Being active can lead to muscle soreness, stiffness or exhaustion. As a result your next day performance may suffer or maybe you won’t be able to train or work out for days at all. A massage gun releases lactic acid and other toxins that cause painful and stiff muscles. You’ll be ready for your next challenge way sooner.
  • Regulates Blood Circulation
  • Percussion therapy applied through the massage gun helps regulate the blood flow and improves blood circulation. The result is an overall better wellbeing. You fee energised and more active throughout the whole day. A side effect is better oxygen saturation so all parts of your body receive beneficial nutrients.
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Regular use of our massage gun gets better results than stretching at the gym. Muscle fibre adhesion causes painful knots and prevents certain motions or positions. By braking down those muscle fibres, the Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun makes you more flexible and enhances a full range of motion.
  • Enhanced Warm Up
  • A massage gun is not only a great tool to treat your muscles after exercising. It is also great to warm up your body before a workout, race or match. The Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun gives you a full sports massage that reduces the risk of injuries and helps you reach your peek performance.

Why is a Mini Massage Gun better than a regular one?

  • We adapted the powerful motor of a regular massage gun to the most compact design possible. The result is a never-before-seen balance between power, size and a deep relaxation. Cramps, knots and tension can strike anytime and anywhere. Having a mini massage gun in your pocket provides a quick treatment anytime, whenever you need it.
  • Another benefit is the price. While a professional regular massage gun can easily cost you from $300-$500, our Deep Muscle Mini Massage Gun is now available at an unbeatable sales price. You won’t get a better deal anywhere else.