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Baby Pool Floater With Shade

  • Our Baby Pool Float is the ultimate accessory for your baby's first dip in the pool!
  • Enjoy this NEW Version, with a removable Canopy to provide ultimate safety!
  • The specially designed upper body rest support helps to ensure the baby's head is always above water, whilst the armrests provide an ideal swimming posture for babies.

Keep The Sunlight Way From Eyes!

The Baby pool Float comes with a removable and breathable canopy, SPF50+ sunshade protects the baby's delicate skin from the harmful UV rays! Enjoy swimming anytime in summer.


Great way to introduce babies to the joys of swimming.

The soft material will allow you to feel safe and comfortable when your baby is using this floater. In addition, this Baby Pool Floater features a canopy, which will protect your baby from the sun and keep it cool.

Anti-flip design

• Raised Front & Lengthen and widen sides: to prevent overturning.

• Soft bottom support: Crotch Strap to support bottom for safety hold to avoid baby slide out.

Gold 40 degrees

• Armpit 40 degrees let the baby easy to learn kick and swim in a horizontal position (Instead of vertical )It is Easy to Inflate and Deflate without any usage of tools.